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doesn’t quite have the makings of a hit movie, but depending on your bug issues, might be just as gross.

I don’t know if this a phenomenon everywhere, but here, one of the signs of spring are worms everywhere.


My morning walk is in the dark, so it’s kind of like doing a tap dance to not step on the squishy fellas.


This is on the playground at the school near my house. Coe is oblivious and just walks right over them. click the picture for a really good view, be sure to look for the worm tracks in the sand.


The most amazing thing is how LONG some of them are.


This is the same fella as above, but look closely, he has a friend.

Here’s to spring!  Non-stop sunshine cannot get here soon enough for me.  Though, I did have to mow my lawn today.  I’m putting that in the exercise column.