the path not taken

Having been trapped inside with the snow days, it has given me the time I needed to get caught up on geeking and blog stuff.  It has also given me a serious case of cabin fever and a sore tushy.

I’ve been on WP for quite a few years and have grown as a writer and photographer in that time.  While that was never the intention, it has been a wonderful result.  A lot of my blogger friends have started this with the intention of monetizing their blogs, but for me it has primarily been about getting the detritus out of my brain and giving me a creative outlet.

A great podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, taught me some things about myself.  One of which is I am great when I have an external deadline or goal to meet.  That is why I do challenges.  It makes makes me, in some arbitrary way, accountable for doing my homework.

I’ve been thinking about changing to a self-hosted blog on WP and getting rid of the page.  For those of you who have made this leap, I’d love to get your thoughts and suggestions.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Just so y’all don’t think I missed a day, the #365project is based in England and so I’m working on their time for that.  So that I, in the US, feel like I am all caught up I’m going to duplicate somethings occasionally.  Also, Ginger wanted to correct me that she loves her chair all the time and not just in the fair weather.  Like a true cat, she has to get the last word on the matter.

the path not taken
This was another pre-dawn dog walk. There was a dense fog that made the entire morning grey.


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