Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective

I’m playing catch up on my photo workshop.  Life got in the way.  Actually the little monster featured in the photos got in the way.  

I don’t know what she did, or how she did it, but she got skewered by a stick.  I can only guess she fell, or jumped off, the balcony. I’m on the second floor.  She’s much better now, but she was confined to the bedroom all last week, so this is an indulgent treasure she has found.  If you have never seen a cat huff catnip, it’s pretty entertaining.  We are counting this as at least one life used.



Next up, I was playing with perspective.  I have to admit I’ve been having fun with little Lula Belle.  You may be seeing more of her.  I joined the Botanic Gardens and as we were walking around, one of my friends asked if she was like Flat Stanley.  I said no, but it may be a yes.

If you click on the photos below, you’ll go to a gallery to see the images larger.  I’d really like to know your thoughts on all of them, but especially on the top row, number 2 &3.


Catch up will continue.

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9 thoughts on “Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective

  1. My favourite is actually first row number 1. I think Lula Belle looks great just peering over the edge. Makes for a wonderful perspective shot.

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