those mad, mad martinis

I’m sure you’ve heard Mad Men is back.  What can be more fun than watching handsome men in suits drinking martinis?

I’ll tell you honestly, I enjoy Mad Men, but it affects my dreams.  Season 4 was so dark.  I think it all hits a little too close to home for me.  I have a hard time being able to see other’s perspective if it is too starkly different from mine.  My mother says things I cannot even fathom and this show makes those things make a bit more sense (sort of).

The secretarial pool, housewives with philandering husbands, and martinis for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  How can any of them stand it?  ok, I may be able to concede on that last one 😉

I keep thinking the women in Mad Men will grow a spine and tell one of those jackasses to take a flying leap.  But instead they take control in the way they can, with sex.  We can all see the tides turning in the show.  The 60’s are a time of flowering sexuality and independence.  I loved the scene where Megan takes off her robe and starts cleaning the house.  Don is such a big, strong control freak but he marries the first woman who is genuinely nice to him.  She knows how to play him like a fiddle!

The Hollywood Theatre is showing Mad Men every Sunday night.  New Deal Distillery sponsored a martini bar for the hour before the season premiere.  Kirsten and I practically arm wrestled over who got to “work” this event.  In the end, we both won.

A great season starter, though it dragged a bit at the beginning of the second hour.  I look forward to seeing what’s to come.  I won’t be staying up til midnight again on a Sunday night (yea tivo).  It has taken me 2 days (at the time of writing this) to recover. I wish I could say I had too many martinis, but alas, I had one very good, very dirty martini.

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