Toast Tuesday: It’s not a fail, it’s a pass-over

This week I’m supposed to be telling you all about grappa, but a couple of things have stopped me. Number one of which is all the grappa I found locally was $60 a bottle. That just wasn’t in the budget this time, especially when our author states that the flavor profile can be somewhere betweenContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: It’s not a fail, it’s a pass-over”

Pass over the scones

One of my favorite things about Passover is the charoset.  and truth be told, my charoset is the only reason I get invited to the Seders I do. 😉   I will admit, my charoset rocks!  I live off of it for a week.  It’s so easy to make, every year I think, why don’tContinue reading “Pass over the scones”