it’s doggone lonely in here

With all the rain we’ve been having, neither Coe nor I were interested in another walk where we got soaked to the bone.  So we went to our local Lowes.  Did you know they are pet friendly?  That other big hardware store used to be, but then they got up a bug up their backside.  Since the day Coe and I got asked to leave the other store, we have been dedicated to shopping at Lowes.  Good thing there are two conveniently located to me.

Evidently the rain kept everyone at home from shopping as well.  We pretty much had the run of the joint.  Talk about solitude in the city.

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

6 thoughts on “it’s doggone lonely in here

  1. I guess the lawyers took over at the HD and ruined it for everyone, as usual. Lowe’s is more fun to shop anyway. Their focus is on the whole house decor, not just construction. Their prices are not the best, though.

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