Toast Tuesday: trappist trappings 

There’s a first time for everything; I planned ahead for my drink of the week. I’ve created a calendar reminder that pops up a few days ahead to tell me what I’m supposed to drink each week. I applauded my brilliance when I recently stumbled upon a gem of a beer store and was able to get a few of the upcoming weeks in one fell swoop.

Our guide
Our guide

I’m even happier that I got to drink local to satisfy this week’s beverage. This is week 31 in The Year of Drinking Adventurously and we are going to Belgium by way of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

According to our guide brewing in most parts of Europe began with the monks. The ones that are still made by the monks all have “Trappist” on the label. There wasn’t much on the website for my beer, but I’d wager there wasn’t a monk within a mile of the making. That being said, Belgium still boasts the largest number of Trappist breweries.

I went with Southern Prohibition Lazarus Abbey Quadruple.  I found Southern Prohibition when I first moved to Memphis and have been a fan ever since.  This beer has a wonderful body with hints of fig and warm soaked raisins.  Had I done my homework better, I would have used different glasses and poured to get more foamy head.  But, alas, I went with the standard pint and it still taste great.


In doing some surfing to find out a little more, I’ve learned this beer was a limited release.  Made to celebrate SoPro 2nd anniversary. Technically, this beer could also count for my barrel aged week, since it is aged in bourbon barrels for a few months before going into bottles.  I just had a tiny epiphany… I drank this on MY 2nd anniversary in Memphis.  Literally!!  No shit! Holy crap… That gets the mind going down a rabbit hole.

Now run along and see what Meg did.  I’ve been playing with some infusions and will be reporting on that shortly.

Have a wonderful week and Toast to another great Tuesday!

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