I just have to say… what the FUCK happened yesterday??  Really…  I don’t get that cosmic crap, retrograde whatnot (sorry CM).  but thursday was one of those days where I really question the universe.

Myself and 3 other girlfriends had supremely crap-tacular days.  All completely random and not connected in the slightest, but horrible, I got kicked in the crotch kinda day.

It is generally my goal to be as invisible as possible as work.  I fly under the radar.  I do not volunteer to make presentations or to teach classes.  I’m known as that friendly girl.  now where do we know her from?  she’s so nice.  I smile and talk to everyone (mostly tongue in cheek, but some genuine).

I hate my job at the fat farm.  But I hate to admit, I do it well.  so thursday, when they said here’s the list of people who will now be doing xyz, I ASSUMED I was going to be on that list.  I assumed this because I rock my job.  I talk shit all day to people who hate me and end up loving me (80:20).  And NO.  because I haven’t been doing this long enough, I don’t get to do xyz.  Excuse me?!

What made this day better was an evening with the girls watching Mad Men.  I made a HUGE pitcher of martinis and a couple of my pizzas.  The day got much better.  That was until I went to sit in my big chair and it slid from under me.  I looked like a taco between the ottoman and the chair.  We all had a good laugh.  A much needed laugh.  I felt like the universe slipped back into equilibrium.  Kinda like Coe, when she does the collar shake, and puts things in their place.

Rant over.  It’s Friday.  I am a firm believer there is NO SUCH THING as a bad Friday.  It’s Friday.

Good Glorious Morning.  I made it to the end of another week.  Thank you to my guardian angel and whomever else is looking out for me.

*caveat: sorry if this is slightly emotional and rambling, it’s because I’m still pissed.  Feeling better about the universe and my place in it, but still pissed.

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

8 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Yep, I heartily agree. Still chafing at the unfairness of it all. Especially peeved because I CHOSE to be in the second class so I would have a week of R’n’R before starting the new job. Who knew?


  2. Lame that you weren’t on the xyz list, but I would have paid money to see the chair and ottoman eat you! Nom nom!


  3. Me too you! I had to pop back in as I wondered if somebody commented they were offended by your post. No apologies are necessary in my mind dearest. Anywho…


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