I have been wanting to write for awhile, but finding what to say has been hard.  I hit a wall this past winter.  Too much life, too much work, too much bacon (what?!).  I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and fat.  I needed a break and I got it.

I was off work for four months and in that time I went on 2 vacations.  The second one, which I was most resistant to go on, was the most restorative.  A week of pampering and relaxation was just what my sad soul needed to find it’s center.  That trip alone is worth it’s own post.

Now easing back into the craziness of my “normal” life has been it’s own challenge.  In my time off I made some decisions that have been brewing for awhile.  Now I just have to take the time and steps to put all of these things in their proper places.  In the meantime though, I am happy to be back here.

I’m coming back with the Weekly Photo Challenge A) because I have been going through lots of picture files lately and have found all sorts of things I want to post and B) I thought this topic was quite fitting for me.

I am a creature of habit.  Coe is like her mama.  She remembers what time of day we do things, she knows the way to the park, she has a favorite path through the park, and she even has a favorite toy to take to the park.  Our best habit and one she annoyingly makes me do most days is getting up and going for our morning walks.  Monday through Friday, we walk in the dark on a pretty well lit route.  Weekends and days off we take a more leisurely route.  She reads the neighborhood gossip and I enjoy my coffee.  Our mornings out are a nice habitual way to start the day.

ring around coe

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