Toast Tuesday: Rye Beer

This week’s adventurous drink is beer made with rye. We’ve covered rye whiskey, and ostensibly, that’s just a malted rye beer that has been distilled.  This week is rye in honor of our Founding Fathers and the President’s Day holiday that just passed.  One founding father in particular, Thomas Jefferson, was quite fond of rye.Continue reading “Toast Tuesday: Rye Beer”

Toast Tuesday: Chili Pepper Beer

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s beverage in The Year of Drinking Adventurously, is chili pepper beer. Per the norm in Memphis, it’s like I am asking for the Pope at a convention of Rabbis. We have one bar in town with a larger than average selection and I figured this was my bestContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Chili Pepper Beer”

Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu

Toast Tuesday has snuck up on me again and this time I really am reporting a failure. No one in Memphis has heard of Huangjiu (sounds like wong-jo) and I did not have an unknown secret stash tucked in a closet. I looked in every liquor store I passed. I asked the one Chinese personContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu”

Toast Tuesday: Baijiu

I’m going to confess, I was never a very good student.  I was terrible at getting homework assignments done, and I was terrible at the reading assignments.  Even now, I have a hard time reading a book someone recommends, because it feels like an assignment. I was going to tell you how this week was aContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Baijiu”

Toast Tuesday: Japanese Whisky

This week in The Year of Drinking Adventurously, I exercised some restraint and did not spend $100 on a bottle of Japanese Whisky.  My tiny kitchen runneth over with booze.   This week I found a small Japanese restaurant that stocked a Japanese whisky and went out to dinner. The book tell us Japanese whisky hasContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Japanese Whisky”

Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky

I’ll confess, I wasn’t quite ready for Tuesday to roll around this week. Only because Tuesday is Monday and we know how we all feel about Mondays. This week, I had some Guinea pigs to toast with and taste this week’s spirit, Canadian Whisky. Following along with A Year of Drinking Adventurously, I made theContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky”

Toast Tuesday: Rye

In case you are just joining in, this year I am drinking more adventurously and following Jeff Cioletti’s book for 52 ways to get out of my comfort zone.  Since I blew my budget on week one, this time I just went with a sampling of cocktails featuring rye. I also learned a lesson withContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Rye”

Toast Tuesday: Scotch

It is no secret, I enjoy a good cocktail. Occasionally I enjoy sipping a good spirit on the rocks, but I really prefer the balanced ballet of flavors in a good mixed drink. In case you missed it, this is the kick off week for Toast Tuesday, my year in drinking as I work myContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Scotch”