Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky

I’ll confess, I wasn’t quite ready for Tuesday to roll around this week. Only because Tuesday is Monday and we know how we all feel about Mondays.

This week, I had some Guinea pigs to toast with and taste this week’s spirit, Canadian Whisky. Following along with A Year of Drinking Adventurously, I made the classic cocktail, the Brooklyn. To be honest, I googled and found a Vancouver cocktail with gin, but I didn’t look for a Quebec or Montreal. So if they are out there, I’m sorry I did not pay full homage to your country.

I mentioned last week, I accidentally skipped ahead, so I partly caught up by making my Brooklyn with that acquisition, Crown Royal Rye. I also used regular ole Crown Royal and a cheat, a local Tennessee Whiskey from Tenn South.

We had one in our party who isn’t a cocktail drinker, but was a moderately good sport and drank the taste of cocktail that was forced upon her. The rest of us enjoyed the regular CR best in this recipe. The Tenn South was a little hot to start, but when I added an ice cube and sipped, it got much better. Still not my pick for this cocktail. There are much better uses for that.

I realized much too late, I forgot to snap any pictures of cocktails in a camper, but be assured, we toasted.

So to you, a Toast to your week, whenever it gets started!

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