Chili Lime Dressing

Salad is on this week’s dinner menu.  I feel better about my slips when I know there’s a big pile of greens waiting at the end of the day.  There has been a snickers bar and a bag of m&m’s thrown into the mix, but a girl’s gotta indulge now and then! I took MondayContinue reading “Chili Lime Dressing”

meatless monday: baked tofu

I’ve been working lots of hours lately and trying to make a healthy dinner when  I get home most nights isn’t always easy.  One night in exercise class someone mentioned baked tofu.  I love the stuff you get at the market that’s already baked but it is kinda spendy for what you get.  Kristin mentionedContinue reading “meatless monday: baked tofu”

dear dining diary

Dear Diary, It’s me Lula…  I feel I need to balance all the pork and bacon I talk about with how I really eat during the week.  I have a fairly firm weekday dining plan.  I don’t call it a diet.  I eat real food in moderation.  Truth be told I eat all day.  ButContinue reading “dear dining diary”

easy throw-together curry

Mondays have been my day off lately.  It’s really turned into pajama day.  Thanks goodness for pilates in the evening or I may never leave the house.  I’ve only been shopping as needed since I got back from vacation so I’ll eat more fresh veggies.  On my way to pilates I stopped and got aContinue reading “easy throw-together curry”

another freaking pizza?!

I think by now you know I have a special affinity for my pizza.  I’m always looking for new toppings and trying out various flour mixes. Today’s was a bit of a kitchen sink experiment.  With my baking bender of late, I’ve accumulated a few flours that needed to be finished off. Today’s recipe was, asContinue reading “another freaking pizza?!”

4th Annual Mac & Cheese-off

What’s better than warm ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese on a cool fall evening?  5 different mac and cheeses! We skipped last year, but this year was back with a vengeance and then some.  As with all previous years, there is a slight nod to veggies, but the cheese rules the night. There were several with chile or spicy notes.Continue reading “4th Annual Mac & Cheese-off”

sharing has benefits

This past weekend I worked at the NW Food & Wine show.  Super fun event.  Got to try great food and great beverages. I tasted a bounty of pates, so many yummy wines and an amazing pork cooked on pink salt blocks. At the end of the evening some folks don’t want to take stuffContinue reading “sharing has benefits”

mmmm mac & cheese

It was a dark and stormy night.  Not really, it was clear and cool and the kiddies were all decked out in costumes.  How else should I celebrate Halloween than with a few friends and a giant vat of macaroni and cheese. As per my norm, I scoured the web for visual inspiration then set off onContinue reading “mmmm mac & cheese”

dining diaries and the daily toil

Oh how the time between good meals seems to fly.  As you may have noticed, I like to eat.  Really, the only reason I exercise is so I can eat more cheese, drink more wine and eat more cheese. I have 2 jobs.  I’ve had 2 jobs for a long time.  One for money andContinue reading “dining diaries and the daily toil”

wednesday workout

My day started with a walk to the park.  Coe was pretty adamant.  Now that it is cooler and wetter, she’s in heaven.  A true Oregonian she is.  If she weren’t so darn pesky, I would have been very happy to stay snug in bed until the very last minute. We bottled Gin 3 today.Continue reading “wednesday workout”