sharing has benefits

This past weekend I worked at the NW Food & Wine show.  Super fun event.  Got to try great food and great beverages.

I tasted a bounty of pates, so many yummy wines and an amazing pork cooked on pink salt blocks.

At the end of the evening some folks don’t want to take stuff home and other folks just want to stock their bar with some fabulous local spirits.   So you trade.

I finally tried Dry Fly Distilling Whiskey.  I had a great falling out with the dark spirits many years ago and slowly I’m mending fences.  This whiskey is all wheat.  It is soft but with that warm whiskey finish.  Quite tasty.

Our neighbors right behind us were Columbus Salame.  We nibbled on salami all night.  Pepper crusted, herb crusted, and spicy sopressata…yummy!  Bonus that they didn’t want to haul all that yummy goodness back to California.  I came home with so many I’ll be swimming in salami for months.

The fine folks of Charlie’s Produce was one of the sponsors and had the most amazing display.  I wish I had taken a picture of the wall of vegetable art.  They didn’t want to take anything home and were handing fruit and veggies out like it was Hanukkah.  I was able to share fruits and veggies with half a dozen people and still have enough for a week of feeding me.

The best find of the whole show is my new favorite wine, Tesoaria Vindetta.  This is a big, bold, spicy red and it paired beautifully with my dinner tonight.  I see lots of this in my future.

So for dinner tonight I made my famous grilled pizza with spicy salami sliced on top with a side of grilled asparagus, baby bok choy, and beets.  Ain’t the prettiest picture but it tasted awesome!

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