Toast Tuesday: Stepping it Up!

Spring is a time of new growth and rebirth. The old saying is April showers bring May flowers has been a little early this year. We have had a ridiculous amount of rain, and a very warm winter, so daffodils are already in bloom. Following my bout with the flu, I had to go takeContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Stepping it Up!”

Happy New Year

The last several months have been hard.  Too much loss in our family topped with work sucking beyond words, I’ve found little energy for cooking, crafting, and photography.  With fall mornings being cold, it was hard to get out of bed, so my exercise regimen fell by the wayside.  My annual vacation of 4 days ofContinue reading “Happy New Year”

dear dining diary

Dear Diary, It’s me Lula…  I feel I need to balance all the pork and bacon I talk about with how I really eat during the week.  I have a fairly firm weekday dining plan.  I don’t call it a diet.  I eat real food in moderation.  Truth be told I eat all day.  ButContinue reading “dear dining diary”

dancing queen

Last week I heard a great story/article on NPR’s Science Friday about how music can relieve stress and is being used as therapy for dementia and Alzheimer’s.  It made me think of so many things, but most of all it made me reflect on the fact that most of the time I’m just hanging out at home I’mContinue reading “dancing queen”