Alien invasion? Nope, just dinner

I recently listened to Alton Brown’s podcast interview with Gaby Dalkin.  I found her conversational skills lacking, but was drawn to her website, which is an incredible stockpile of recipes, and meal plans.  Since completing Whole30, I’ve been trying to do more meal prep for the week.  While W30 didn’t work for me, I learnedContinue reading “Alien invasion? Nope, just dinner”

I kept eating and eating…

The community dinners are a thing of wonder and delight.  It’s constantly amazing how when you say potluck, people make awesome stuff they would rarely make any other day.  And when that potluck is on St Patrick’s Day, well you know it’s going to be stuff they really only make once a year. I madeContinue reading “I kept eating and eating…”

meatless monday: baked tofu

I’ve been working lots of hours lately and trying to make a healthy dinner when  I get home most nights isn’t always easy.  One night in exercise class someone mentioned baked tofu.  I love the stuff you get at the market that’s already baked but it is kinda spendy for what you get.  Kristin mentionedContinue reading “meatless monday: baked tofu”