4th Annual Mac & Cheese-off

What’s better than warm ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese on a cool fall evening?  5 different mac and cheeses!

We skipped last year, but this year was back with a vengeance and then some.  As with all previous years, there is a slight nod to veggies, but the cheese rules the night.

There were several with chile or spicy notes.  V was the only one that had a creamy white cheese sauce with ham.  K had a couple of secret ingredients: pureed pumpkin and miso!  We had 2 gluten free options, but you’d never know.  C made the green beans with a hint of ginger.

There was no clear winner because they were all amazing and so different.  If there was a winner it was the dessert.  M made the most amazing banana pudding.  Not only was it a beautiful work of art- it was tasty!!

I think this is the best mac and cheese night we’ve had.


Published by Lula Harp

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4 thoughts on “4th Annual Mac & Cheese-off

  1. This looks like a fun dinner! You can get so many variations on such a simple recipe. I just may suggest this to my friends…


  2. I ran my Pumpkin Mac and Cheese recipe I made up through a recipe calorie calculator and here’s what I got.

    Calories 296/serving
    Calories from Fat 84
    Total Fat 9.4g14%
    Saturated Fat 5.1g25%
    Cholesterol 64mg21%
    Sodium 430mg18%
    Total Carbohydrates 39.7g13%
    Dietary Fiber 2.8g11%
    Sugars 2.5g
    Protein 14.2g
    Vitamin A 200% • Vitamin C 4%
    Calcium 16% • Iron 20%


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