Where were you?

I told you kids about Crafter Kristen’s Crazy Crafter’s Night.  Well, after a day of bottling at the distillery I was ready for some good girl time. We all came together to work on our projects keeping each other on task. I sorted a HUGE box of buttons that I got from an estate sale.Continue reading “Where were you?”

wednesday workout

My day started with a walk to the park.  Coe was pretty adamant.  Now that it is cooler and wetter, she’s in heaven.  A true Oregonian she is.  If she weren’t so darn pesky, I would have been very happy to stay snug in bed until the very last minute. We bottled Gin 3 today.Continue reading “wednesday workout”

mobile monday

After a long weekend I got up at the ass-crack ‘o dawn to take Vivian to the doctor.  Before you begin to fret, she’ll be fine.  An oil change and a few new belts and she’ll be as good as new.  btw, Vivian is my beloved Jetta. After dropping her off I hoofed it toContinue reading “mobile monday”