fun photo holders

Modern technology is a blessing and a curse.  Blessing: digital cameras.  Curse: never printing all the awesome pictures we take.  So, what to do with all the photos we never display?  Display them in cool wire holders! Another fun gift I made for the holidays were twisted wire photo holders kinda like this but better, becauseContinue reading “fun photo holders”

let’s go shopping!

I love my girlfriends.  We are all so crafty and original.  For the holidays we all made stuff for each other.  Here in Portland they have banned plastic shopping bags.  I’m thrilled.  I’ve used my own shopping bags for some time.  I have bags from stores I frequent, bags I’ve gotten as gifts, and bagsContinue reading “let’s go shopping!”

boredom day camera bag

I realized this blog is supposed to be about cooking, crafting and self discovery.  I cook A LOT, I bore myself regularly with “self discovery”, but I realized I haven’t posted any crafty stuff.  Part of that is because the most recent crafty stuff is going to be gifted, so I’ll have to post thoseContinue reading “boredom day camera bag”

Where were you?

I told you kids about Crafter Kristen’s Crazy Crafter’s Night.  Well, after a day of bottling at the distillery I was ready for some good girl time. We all came together to work on our projects keeping each other on task. I sorted a HUGE box of buttons that I got from an estate sale.Continue reading “Where were you?”