boredom day camera bag

I realized this blog is supposed to be about cooking, crafting and self discovery.  I cook A LOT, I bore myself regularly with “self discovery”, but I realized I haven’t posted any crafty stuff.  Part of that is because the most recent crafty stuff is going to be gifted, so I’ll have to post those after they are gifted.

But today’s project was a gift to myself.  Like every sewer out there, I see pretty fabric and think “ooooh, I know what I could make…”  You then promptly buy 16 bolts of said pretty fabric and shortly discover that you have a tub/room/basement full of pretty fabric with no projects in sight.

About 2 months ago, I was wandering downtown and discovered a new-to-me fabric shop with some of the cutest vinyl covered fabric.  I had recently been thinking I wanted a camera bag that I could carry when it was raining.  Oh how the stars seemed to align!

Fast forward to today.  I was sewing some other stuff and was in a good rhythm.  I sew like I cook.  I don’t follow directions, I measure only if I have to, and I figure it out as I go.  I think today’s bag turned out quite well.  I won’t show you the major flaws but you’ll see in the interior picture my pocket isn’t centered (who cares).  So, here are a few shots to show it off!

I’m quite proud of my gussetted bottom!  and I did it on the inside too!

The interior is repurposed sheet that I got from Vallue Village ages ago with the intent of making it into something.  I’m so PROUD of myself!  It’s so freaking cute!!  Yea me!

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