What a weekend

This is my #365project summary and weekend wrap-up.  Coe finally let me get some sleep so I used my energy to sort and pack before I move into a house at the end of March.  While sorting I came across high school memories.  Some photos are better left in the 80’s!  I took some specialContinue reading “What a weekend”

the unknown tools

I am constantly surprising myself, especially when I find tools in my toolbox I didn’t know I had. I just spent over an hour on the phone with my mother after spending 2+ days doing in-home tech support.  I’m not sure which one of us exhibited more patience during this process.  She keeps saying sheContinue reading “the unknown tools”

Where were you?

I told you kids about Crafter Kristen’s Crazy Crafter’s Night.  Well, after a day of bottling at the distillery I was ready for some good girl time. We all came together to work on our projects keeping each other on task. I sorted a HUGE box of buttons that I got from an estate sale.Continue reading “Where were you?”