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I write this blog purely for my own entertainment.  Hopefully those of you who stumble by here also find a little tasty humor as well.  The things I talk about are the random rambling of my own twisted making.  I am not paid to tell you about the restaurants I eat at, the booze I drink, or the pork that I buy.  I tell you about these things because I want to.

So, today, I got the most exciting text from my friend Megan. (who’ll I’ll shake my finger at because she never commented on the bacon nuttiness and that post was at her insistence- but today may make up for that)

I had to self censor the expletive I used to express my delight.

I have professed my love for my public library a few times here (and here).  But today, I got the love back.  After I saw Megan’s text, I found a great email from Kim at Multnomah County Library:

“I do the Facebook page for Multnomah County Library and I happened upon your awesome shout-out in praise of the MCL app. Just wanted you to know that we’ll be featuring it on our FB page today.

Thanks for the library love!

Kim (Programming & Outreach Librarian)”

So, I share my warm fuzzy with you on a cold, wet winter day.  Remember to visit your local library.  If you can’t go to the brick and mortar building, go to their website.  Not only does your local library have tons of incredible books, there are dvd’s, cd’s, tax forms, book clubs, special events, e-books, and downloadable music.  We have an incredible resource in our local (often forgotten and neglected) library.

I’ll share my warm fuzzy with one last shout-out to Kristin, who volunteers once a week at my neighborhood library.  Thanks to all the volunteers and folks who keep my library so awesome!  and Thank you Kim for sharing Lula Harp with all your library lovers.