what are you reading?

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my library. Multnomah County Library even has an app. How cool is that?! I meet some hot guy in a bar and we get to talking about Tolstoy and Gorey and I can just add books to my reserve list right there. (we won’t discuss the rudeness of me pulling out my phone in front of this guy.) In reality what happens is when I wake up at my usual 2am with my mind racing, I can roll over, grab my phone, add a book to the list and (hopefully) go back to sleep.

Most of what I get from the library are “how-to” books. how to cook, craft, build a barn…

With the new year upon us and a resolve to eat better, this month’s library selection reflects that.

Peter Reinhart’s American Pie is a journey to the perfect pizza. He continues his quest on his blog.

Cooking Light Soups and Stews is a great collection of easy soups that I ultimately take for lunches.

Another Peter Reinhart about artisan breads, the topic he is best known for. In this book he makes it a bit more approachable for the home baker.

Madhur Jaffrey Foolproof Indian Cooking. I enjoy all of her books. She has such a comfortable way to her writing that gives you the confidence to try anything.

Another Cooking Light, this one about baking. I’m always playing around to see what works. Bread is usually a waste of space, but if I can make it healthier then I may be more apt to give up those calories.

What’s on your bed-side table or to-read shelf?

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10 thoughts on “what are you reading?

  1. For once I am not reading a cook book. Well ok, I found a copy of the Chez Panisse Cooking by Paul Bertolli and I am reading that but what is also taking my attention … One of my clients who I have cooked for wrote a wonderful book. A page turner with a moral lesson. Fabulous book. “Diary of a Predator” by Amy Herdy.
    Please read this if you have not. If you do not have an e-reader you can download a kindle app on Amazon and read the book on your computer for just $7.99. I do not want to advertise but this is an important book.


  2. Am very jealous! When I lived in London I had an amazing library less than 5 mins walk away (and it was housed in a stunning Victorian red brick building). Now I don´t have one at all and have to rely on second hand bookshops or Amazon. Not such a bad thing but you just have to hope for the best. Madhur Jaffrey is The Curry Queen, I love her recipes and her books – if you´re interested in breads, the River Cottage Bread Book is fantastic!


    1. I’m quite spoiled having my local library branch so close! I just added River Cottage to my request list! thanks for the tip- I see there are several in that series…


  3. Textbooks- Chinese art history, Native Americans in the 20th Century, Film and Society, Contemporary American Lit post 1970, and The Oceans. But before you feel too sorry for me, I wait for classes to start with Real Food by Planck or Tipping Point, and I’m often caught perusing my Treehouse book at home when I should be doing homework. A girl can dream!


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