FEAST on fresh, homemade pasta

I finally hit a wall and went into work on Saturday to say I was taking (most of) Sunday off.  Just knowing I was going to have a day free to do whatever was a big relief.  Saturdays at the distillery, the girls and I have gotten in the habit of closing up shop andContinue reading “FEAST on fresh, homemade pasta”

I raise my martini to…

I love Mark Bittman.  I love that he keeps us informed about food and culture.  I love that he talks to everyone.  I am especially pleased that he reminds us to take notice and take care of those around us.  Like our servers. Tuesday was National Martini Day.  I celebrated in high fashion in my backyard.Continue reading “I raise my martini to…”

library time and happy hour at home

Combing 2 topics into one since I’ve been remiss and haven’t posted much this week.  I’ve been busy doing… nothing.  sorry, nothing exciting. So today I stopped at the library to pick up my stack on hold.  More cooking and baking goodness with a dash of color and style. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian byContinue reading “library time and happy hour at home”