Toast Tuesday: the infusion continues

This is week… I’ve lost count… in my Year of Drinking Dangerously, as one friend calls it.  I do know this week was supposed to be a beer I was looking forward to, but life got the better of me.

I’ve been the mad scientist lately with brewing kombucha, growing a vinegar mother, working on some infusions, and having fun at work.

I have been having fun at work the last couple of weeks.  Tis the season for the snack cart and flower pencils again.  My sneaky happiness campaign also includes 901Rocks! this year.

Coworker and I spent 3 hours painting happy rocks and selling them for $1 each.  I’m certain most of these ended up on the purchaser’s desk and not hidden around the building as we had hoped.  No matter.  The goal is to make someone smile and I am calling this a win.

I had brunch with some lady friends on Saturday and took a bottle of mango kombucha I had made.  I was certain this was going to get me one more eyeroll, but in fact, it got high praise.  Our hostess was convinced I was trying to kill her the week before when I had her taste some kombucha from the mother batch.  She liked the finished product so much, she kept the leftovers.  Huge win!

With it finally cooling off here, I’ve been making quite a few infusions to save my herbs before the frost.  I’ve made a lemon gin, lime tequila, lemongrass, lemon verbena, basil, sweet tea vodka, habanero honey whiskey, and have been playing with a chamomile fall flavored infusion.


I’ve been encouraging a vinegar mother for quite some time.  Never before have I exercised so much patience on a project.  It’s only because it is on top of the fridge and out of my direct line of sight that this is possible.  Just the other day, I looked up and saw I was finally getting a lovely mother growing.  It looks like lace.


Alright, enough about all my craziness.  Let’s see how Meg did on her homework.

Also, if anyone wants a kombucha scoby, I have plenty to share.  I’ve gone a little insane starting batches.


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4 thoughts on “Toast Tuesday: the infusion continues

  1. The infusions sound wonderful! I haven’t got that far yet, but I did pick up 6 gallons of fresh apple cider for making my own hard cider. With some local honey and some champagne yeast, I’m ready to start the fermentation! I’m not doing pickle back next week so I’ll probably write about that instead. Your work sounds FUN! The rocks are awesome!

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