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I’ve barely had a moment to sit still and write the last week. My happiness campaign is in full swing and I’ve worn my fingers to the bone. I’m the head of our annual fundraising committee. They’ve been doing the same events year after year after year… Yawn.

Last year I suggested a snack cart, kinda like the mountain man if you are familiar with that, rolling through the office with chips, candy, juice, fruit… you name it.  Everything on the cart was $1. What?! No one is going to pay a dollar when they can walk to the cafeteria and get it for .75! The naysayers were put to shame. We made $1350!! Needless to say, the snack cart will be rolling again very soon.

This year I wanted to do more small fun things to spread joy across the department so I suggested flower pencils. Again… $1. Again… Naysayers. They have a little hang tag I designed with a frilly font for you to send a happy flower-gram to a coworker.  We SOLD OUT the first day. Made $125.

This is the backseat of my car full of flower pencils!

This is the special, all pink, breast cancer bouquet complete with pink ribbon pencils.

Since Monday I have spent every waking minute making more flower pencils. And we’ve had requests for pens so I’m making those too. Tomorrow is our site-wide fall festival and I’ve been frantically making flowers in hopes of selling out again. My poor little fingers are worn out, but well worth it.

I’ve signed up for Blogging 201, but I’ve not had a minute to do the work. I’ll get caught up in a few days. Spreading the love is way more rewarding at the moment!

Let the happiness reign!