Happiness Rocks!

I think I’ve mentioned before we have no idea how it impacts others when we show a little simple kindness in some unexpected way.  I know I have memories that I feel quite certain others would have no recollection of.

Another happiness project has been lurking in the back of my mind. This one has nothing to do with my office. As for my office, I have decided to people outside of my cube want to be miserable and dramatic and I cannot have any part of that. All I can do is go in and be as happy as I can be. So within my three walls I have surrounded myself with as much happiness as I can.



Recently a new group in Memphis started on Facebook that was born out of a summer project to get some creative activity in their kid’s summer. It has been dubbed a creactivity. 901Rocks! is really about spreading happiness all around.  It’s like Pokemon Go, but you don’t need a smart phone. Happily painted rocks are hiding all over town. They’ve been spotted in parks, grocery stores, churches, schools and offices. You name it, they are there. Some are fancy, some are messy, but they are all born out of love and happiness.

A few years ago a friend of found one of these happiness rocks and passed it on to me. I think I was supposed to receive the message and send the rock back out for someone else to find it. I didn’t. I kept it. It’s in my kitchen where I see it every day and every day it makes me smile!  I’ve been thinking about doing this for sometime and I am delighted that this has taken off.



I am not an artist. I wish I were, but all I have are warm, happy thoughts.  So with that, I am going to be hiding my happy little rocks all around town.

Happy hunting!

Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

8 thoughts on “Happiness Rocks!

  1. My horoscope the other day said something like this…….there is much despair in the world, just look around and its easy to find terrible situations. However, someone needs to be happy, so why not let it be you?

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