Toast Tuesday: New Orleans style Barbeque Shrimp

When I was a kid, my favorite foods were mac and cheese and shrimp scampi. The first time I was served scampi with the heads on, I didn’t eat shrimp for a year. I was a little horrified Fast forward a few years and a trip to New Orleans. We went to Pascal Manale’s, homeContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: New Orleans style Barbeque Shrimp”

Toast Tuesday: the infusion continues

This is week… I’ve lost count… in my Year of Drinking Dangerously, as one friend calls it.  I do know this week was supposed to be a beer I was looking forward to, but life got the better of me. I’ve been the mad scientist lately with brewing kombucha, growing a vinegar mother, working onContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: the infusion continues”

ladies who lunch

While I was off work for summer vacation, I hosted the work ladies for lunch.  I spent weeks sifting through recipes trying to find just the right ones.  I knew what I wanted, but the menu had not fully solidified in my mind. I wanted something like my mother’s antipasto, but wanted it in theContinue reading “ladies who lunch”