Toast Tuesday: in a jam

I have been exploring fermentation in many ways lately. I’ve got so many kobucha scobies that I’ve started naming them. I’m trying to eat more good yogurt and probiotics so I’ve started making yogurt again. I’ve said it before, but there is just something so satisfying about creating something from scratch. I really like goodContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: in a jam”

Bean dip in a flash

What do you do when at the last minute you invite a few friends over for cocktails?  No food in the house?  A few random cans of whatever.  Make bean dip.  Crazy easy and the bowl was emptied very quickly.  I called this a success. Throw everything in the bowl of a food processor andContinue reading “Bean dip in a flash”

yogurt and probiotics

Here’s an over-share to start your day off right.  I’ve been having tummy troubles. Not really, I just sort of feel out of wack. So, as a result, I’ve been trying to introduce more probiotics into my diet in hopes of getting back into balance. This is the portion of the program where I tellContinue reading “yogurt and probiotics”