Bean dip in a flash

What do you do when at the last minute you invite a few friends over for cocktails?  No food in the house?  A few random cans of whatever.  Make bean dip.  Crazy easy and the bowl was emptied very quickly.  I called this a success. Throw everything in the bowl of a food processor andContinue reading “Bean dip in a flash”

some bacon nuttiness

This wasn’t going to be today’s post but these people keep pestering me. It is hard work being so poopular 😉 I made bacon again recently (more to come on that little adventure) and I wanted to do something fun with it. Certainly just eating bacon is fun in its own right, but I neededContinue reading “some bacon nuttiness”

the great fudge-off

I’m not talking about who’s the best liar, I’m talking about the good creamy, chocolaty kind of fudge. This weekend I made 2 different recipes and one was the clear winner. Recipe #1 was from Marinating Online (a great recent find) Here’s her recipe: Simple Fudge 2 ounces of unsalted butter or ½ stick 3 cups marshmallows 1Continue reading “the great fudge-off”

Burrito Bowls

Canned beans are so passe.  I don’t know where the great fear of dried beans came from, but it’s over-rated.  In my journey of culinary exploration I’ve been playing with different recipes, different beans and different methods.  So far my favorite has been pinto beans from Cooking Dude. As you will learn if you continueContinue reading “Burrito Bowls”