A leisurely morning

I’m doing something today I don’t I too often. I’m sitting in Starbucks watching the world go by.   I was a buckaroo (that’s starbonics for an employee) for about five years. This was truly the most fun job I’ve ever had. Every time I put on that green apron, I felt like an actorContinue reading “A leisurely morning”

the chicken made me do it

To continue yesterday’s story of the chicken that could mend moods… I ate my rotisserie chicken legs over the sink as any single gal would.  Don’t you know?  You don’t absorb as much fat if you eat standing up and you burn more calories.  It’s a fact. 😉 So, after dinner, I stripped the restContinue reading “the chicken made me do it”

I raise my martini to…

I love Mark Bittman.  I love that he keeps us informed about food and culture.  I love that he talks to everyone.  I am especially pleased that he reminds us to take notice and take care of those around us.  Like our servers. Tuesday was National Martini Day.  I celebrated in high fashion in my backyard.Continue reading “I raise my martini to…”