I raise my martini to…

I love Mark Bittman.  I love that he keeps us informed about food and culture.  I love that he talks to everyone.  I am especially pleased that he reminds us to take notice and take care of those around us.  Like our servers.

Tuesday was National Martini Day.  I celebrated in high fashion in my backyard.  I do hope those of you that celebrated this glorious day in a bar, appreciated the person who crafted that fine cocktail and the person who delivered it to your table.

I float between 2 worlds.  I don’t work for tips anymore, but there was a day when tips meant I had groceries.  I have made choices in my life that have made some things harder, but those are the choices I made.  I work 2 jobs by choice and often people who visit my weekend job assume because I’m behind a bar I don’t have a college degree or I do what I do because I can do nothing else.  I do what I do because it’s FUN.  Monday through Friday, I’m a boring pencil pushing drone.  Saturday and Sunday are my passion.  I talk about food and drink for a living.  I have met some awesome people and made some great friends.

I worked for Starbucks for almost 5 years.  It was supposed to be a fun summer job, but I loved it so.  Whatever smack people talk about the behemoth they may be, they paved the way for all the little guys to succeed.  They created a culture where we are addicted to and demand a $5 cup of coffee.  They also have great benefits, stock options and a 401k.  So, whenever you start to dis on Starbucks, thing twice.  I’m happy to support a company that supports it’s employees.

Bittman said it perfectly… “Yet though you can’t be a card-carrying foodie if you don’t know the provenance of your heirloom tomato, you apparently can be one if you don’t know how the members of your wait staff are treated. We don’t seem to mind or even notice that our servers might be making $2.13 an hour. That tip you debate increasing to 20 percent might be the difference in making the rent.”

So… Cheers to you Mr. Bittman.  Thank you for reminding all of us to remember those around us.


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6 thoughts on “I raise my martini to…

  1. I like your thinking. I always figure if I can afford to have a little something to eat or drink when I’m out, I can afford to tip well. Besides, one of my son’s is a part-time dishwasher, so I think of him!


    1. Thank goodness your son is doing the dishes, otherwise it would be just like eating at home doing my own. A lot of people forget how many other people’s efforts go into enjoying so many of the comforts we’ve come to take for granted.


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