Toast Tuesday: Concocting crafts and cocktails

I live next to one of the most amazing parks.  I walk out my front door and I’m in 120 acre wooded off leash dog heaven.  It’s where I dust off the cooties of the work day, find peace, and my sanity.  Coe and I spend a great deal of time in this park, dayContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Concocting crafts and cocktails”

Toast Tuesday: the flu

I have just lived through one of the scariest events ever. I have amazing friends who I can never express enough gratitude to. In my year of wanting to try new things, getting the flu and ending up in the hospital was absolutely NOT on my list. I knew something wasn’t right Saturday morning. I’veContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: the flu”

Toast Tuesday: Lunch

If you’ve haven’t heard, Epicurious does a January challenge called #cook90. The challenge is to cook three meals a day for 30 days in January. Since we know there’s 31 days in the month you get three passes. I am not doing #cook90, but I am inspired by it. I regularly listen to the BonContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Lunch”

Toast Tuesday: the cake

I just celebrated another year on the planet with a food feast. I love being the host. It gives me such great satisfaction to prepare a meal that feeds not only the belly, but the soul. It feeds my soul to get in the kitchen, play around, and to pour my heart into something thatContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: the cake”

Toast Tuesday: Toasting Life

In the new year, I am going to continue with Toast Tuesday, but with a twist. I am going to be toasting life. I will be trying new spirits, new cocktails, new recipes, new restaurants, meeting new people, and in short, trying all sorts of new stuff. It’s not like I have really ever hadContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Toasting Life”

Toast Tuesday: la fin

This year’s drinking adventure has been an incredible learning experience about so many things, number one of which is spend wisely.  The rest do not fall in any particular order, but will be addressed. This is week 52 in The Year of Drinking Adventurously and in the true calendar year.  A new year is uponContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: la fin”

Toast Tuesday: Tiki

This is week 51 in The Year of Drinking Adventurously. On the home stretch. While it is 16° out, it seems like the perfect time to discuss tiki cocktails. I have spent a good portion of this year really trying to embrace Tiki. I have not been very successful. What I have been successful in,Continue reading “Toast Tuesday: Tiki”

Toast Tuesday: Glogg

This is week 50 in my Year of Drinking Adventurously and my liver has almost had enough.  Almost. Way back 48 weeks ago, I learned a very important lesson.  Read ahead and know what’s coming up next.  I soon added the week’s drinks to my calendar and added several reminders.  Before that happened, back inContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Glogg”

Toast Tuesday: Aquavit (a little late)

This is the first week I’ve seriously considered going dark for a Tuesday, purely out of sheer laziness.  I started writing this last night, and wasn’t feeling so hot, so I set it aside. Then I spent a good portion of the night recreating scenes from the Exorcist, so I kinda forgot to finish thisContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Aquavit (a little late)”

Toast Tuesday: Ginger Beer

I’m going slightly off book this week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously.  I did not even crack the book, but will be revisiting this topic in the next few weeks. I just got back from an awesome eat-a-thon trip to New Orleans. One of the members of our party, had never been with usContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Ginger Beer”