Toast Tuesday: Aquavit (a little late)

This is the first week I’ve seriously considered going dark for a Tuesday, purely out of sheer laziness.  I started writing this last night, and wasn’t feeling so hot, so I set it aside. Then I spent a good portion of the night recreating scenes from the Exorcist, so I kinda forgot to finish this up.  So without further ado…

This is week 49 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously and officially, I’ve had aquavit. Just not this week. This summer I did a whirlwind distillery tour around Chicago to meet another weekly challenge of Malort. While tasting anything and everything at CH Distillery, I had their Aquavit. 

Aquavit is traditionally a Scandanavian spirit flavored with caraway and other spices. Not something I would typically go out of my way to drink and I don’t stock on my home bar. As a result of my less than enthusiastic response to Aquavit, I’m just proving to you I’ve had it AND within the year. Totally counts. 

I’ve also had Aquavit from House Spirits in Portland. Just one more time for you to know for sure, that I’ve tried it. 

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