Toast Tuesday: Glogg

This is week 50 in my Year of Drinking Adventurously and my liver has almost had enough.  Almost.

Our guide
Our guide

Way back 48 weeks ago, I learned a very important lesson.  Read ahead and know what’s coming up next.  I soon added the week’s drinks to my calendar and added several reminders.  Before that happened, back in week 2, I accidently skipped ahead to week 50.  oops…

This week is glogg or gluhwein, which is akin to mulled, or spiced, wine, but with a kick.  Our author focuses a bit more on gluhwein, which hail from Germany since they are the inventor of the modern concept of Christmas.  Since I don’t really celebrate Christmas, that was of no interest to me in chosing what I drank.  I chose based on flavors I like.

For my birthday, way back in January, I had folks over and made glogg (sounds like glug).  Glogg is a Scandanavian fortified wine punch that typically has flavors of cardamon, clove, cinnamon, and very often will have raisins and almonds.  What’s better on a blustery cold night than a warm punch to take the chill off your bones?  A punch with some punch.

I turned to The Punch Bowl by Dan Searing.  This book has some beautiful photographs of antique punch bowls and tells the history behind the recipes.  He also helps you make a good punch that is balanced and good.  The recipe I made, and failed to take pictures of, called for raisins and almonds to go into the bottom of your punch cup.  You then pour your warm spiced wine over it.    It was quite tasty.

While some of these weeks were tougher than others, this wasn’t bad.  Let’s see how Meg did on her week’s drinking.   I’ve spent quite a few nights volunteering in the cold at Shelby Farms Starry Nights holiday light display.  Glogg is exactly what I’ve needed!

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