mobile monday

After a long weekend I got up at the ass-crack ‘o dawn to take Vivian to the doctor.  Before you begin to fret, she’ll be fine.  An oil change and a few new belts and she’ll be as good as new.  btw, Vivian is my beloved Jetta.

After dropping her off I hoofed it to Mt. Tabor and caught Kristin in the act of kicking some exercise ass.  Best trainer EVER!  She makes me hurt (good kind of hurt) and I love her so!  I wandered around Division for awhile before heading home for lunch and a walk with Coe.

Afternoon held the most excitement.  I met M (I’m Auntie Gayle) at school and we went for a bus-ride lesson.  He was less than impressed.  I’m a dedicated lover of Tri-Met and did my best to sell the freedom that this brings and the trust that it shows.  He was NOT buying it.

After Kristin kicked my butt with Pilates I made another pizza.  Tonight was sausage and goat cheese.  I am so close to perfecting my thin crispy crust.  I saw this on some Food Network show.  Start your crust on a pizza pan then finish on your pizza stone.  Yum

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