lents farmer’s market bounty

This past weekend was Portland’s annual naked bike ride.  I’m not telling you this to regale you with stories of my bare ass racing through town.  I tell you this because I had to leave my car at the distillery because after dinner with friends we couldn’t make it back over there.  All roads were blocked by nakedness.

Sunday morning was the first day of the Lents Farmer’s Market.  I am fortunate to live just a few blocks from the market site and even more fortunate that the market site is right next to my bus stop.  The one negative in this tale is the market opens at 11am and my bus was due at 11:07.  So, I had to rush through the market.

opening day!
local honey
beautiful flowers

BigFoot Bread Company had lots of beautiful focaccia, english muffins, and dinner rolls.  I ended up taking home a lovely little round of Buttery Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread.  It is tasty, but it’s not cornbread.  It’s a buttery bread with a hint of corn.  I look forward to trying one of their focaccia.

This is my favorite find of the day.  Hot Mama Salsa has 4 different varieties and they were all tasty.  I came home with Salsa Mexicana.  This is a beautifully hot and smokey salsa.  When I asked her how hot hot was, her response was spot on.  It’s  just hot enough that you can’t stop eating, but not so hot you can’t taste anything.

There was music and activities planned for the day, but I missed all that.  Late in the afternoon, a couple came into the distillery to visit.  They were talking about how they made a point to bike to the Lents Farmer’s Market from their neighborhood in North Portland.  I’m very excited this little market has grown up into such a treasure.

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