cocktail wrap-up

Holy Moly this has been a crazy few days!

Thursday was Indulge at the Jupiter.  What fun! Great drinks and amazing food.  Screen Door had puffs filled with pimento cheese and mini peach cobblers with whiskey whipped cream.  Lardo had their amazing bahn mi.  Saint Cupcake had some of the most heavenly bites of cakey goodness.  Shut up and Eat had a yummy meatball slider.  Olympic Provisions had a sinfully good lineup of salamis.  oh I could go on for days about the yumminess… But here’s Byron Beck’s take on the event in a pictoral (if you watch long enough you may see someone you recognize- hint-hint, toward the end)

Friday, I spent the morning at an estate sale helping my friend Renee.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show Hoarders.  Watch part of one episode and you want to throw out everything in your basement.  Renee has been helping clear out a house then put on this estate sale.  I helped set up Friday morning and as a bonus I got to see what was going on sale before the general public.  If I had made a list of what I wanted in a perfect world, everything I came home with would have been on that list.  No kidding!  A glass juicer (even better- 2 juicers. The only thing better would have been if they’d been milk glass or green glass.), a meat grinder, gorgeous vintage bar glasses, 6″ cast iron skillet (needs cleaning and re-seasoning) and the mother-load of BUTTONS (think paper box- full!)

Weekend… I made a lovely kombucha martini with Lionheart pomegranate kombucha, Portland 88 and New Deal Ginger Liqueur.  2:1:1, stir and strain, served up.  yummm.  Tonight I made pizza with caramelized onions, figs and goat cheese.  I had planned on taking a picture, but I was too hungry.  It was awesome.

Coe has already crashed.  Paws are twitching with dreams of chasing frisbees.  I’m not far behind her.

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