mmmm pizza

I love pizza.  I really wasn’t planning on being gluttonous and having it 3 nights in a row! But when I got the call to pick up Vivian (she’s doing much better, thanks for asking) I realized my timing for beans and rice was shot.

Just so happens, this morning I found a recipe for no-rise pizza crust over at the Faux Martha.  Since I have been on a pizza bender this summer I knew I had to try this.  And since I was trying to come up with a quick easy dinner I went with this.

The recipe came together very nicely.  I actually halved it (mostly).  I liked the recipe was a mix of whole wheat and all purpose.  Whole wheat always gives a nice texture to a pizza crust.  I rolled it out into 2 small discs (think smaller than a dinner plate) and preheated the grill to 400+/-.  The dough was nicely stiff, so I could stack both dough discs together to carry out to the grill.  My favorite thing about this dough was when I tossed the first disc on the grill, part of it fell between two grates and I was able to re-position it smoothly and without tearing the dough.

I grilled on the first side for about 4 minutes (long enough to grate the cheese, pick my cherry tomatoes and kick the soccer ball a few times).  Turned it over and added my toppings.  I was kinda slow on this part tonight so my cheese didn’t melt as much as I would have liked since I was worried about the crust burning.

I’m giving this an A-/B+.  Good solid recipe with a few interesting new tidbits (parmesan IN the dough) and will certainly improve as I play with it a bit more.  Definitely one you should try.  Thanks faux Martha.

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