My friend Will Smith of Great Western Spirits invited me to an amazing tasting of 123 Organic Tequilas at Kask.  A tiny new bar from the folks of Gruner.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a tequila that I thought I’d be happy just sipping. We tasted 3 tequilas and all 3 were lovely.  The charming and charasmatic David Ravandi, of 123, told us the story of how they started, the process of being certified organic, and how they slowly cook the agave in large stone ovens before pressing to release the sugary juice.  I was amazed when he told us they use wild yeast to do a natural fermentation process. (I captured wild yeast to start a sourdough starter and it took a few tries before I got something I liked.  I couldn’t imagine the risk on this grand a scale.)

Uno ($50) is the blanco (unaged) of the series. It has earthy citrus notes and hit right in the middle of my tongue leaving a beautiful, delicate finish.
Dos ($56) is a reposado that has been aged for 6 months. This hit the back of my mouth and left a lingering hint of vanilla. The finish on this was outstanding.
Tres ($62) is an anjeo that is aged for 12 months in white oak barrels.  This one hit the tip of my tongue and slowly filled my mouth and left me with a lingering smokey finish.

All three were incredible, but if I were to bring one home, it would be a toss up between Uno and Dos.  Dos seemed it may be the more versatile of the two, but I was so impressed by the simple perfection of Uno.

Kask was the perfect setting for our tasting.  The bar is cozy and comfortable.  I loved the chalk boards on the wall listing the sips and snacks.  The woodwork was gorgeous and they have a great selection of local spirits.

Kudos to Will for this great tasting. I can’t wait to go back to Kask during regular business hours and try a few cocktails.

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