I apologize…

However I have offended thee.  I apologize.  Clearly I have upset the universe with my discourse on how I don’t believe.  I’m coming around.  Quickly! April is always an insane month for me.  With Passover, Easter, I have to file my taxes (if I haven’t been on top of it sooner), and Rebuilding Together takingContinue reading “I apologize…”

Life gave me lemons so I made candied lemon peels

I make no bones about working 2 jobs and going 90mph through life.  As the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss, but I figure that also holds true to germs and cooties as well.  I stay healthy by getting 8 winks a night, a good diet, and lots of walking. Well, the cosmosContinue reading “Life gave me lemons so I made candied lemon peels”

Transit Rant… Observations

This week’s rant isn’t really a rant, but more an observation about life in transit. Since I’ve been working so early and riding in the dark, I can’t read.  Want to see me puke?  Hand me a book on a dark bus and a winding route. Pandora and I have been spending quality time togetherContinue reading “Transit Rant… Observations”