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However I have offended thee.  I apologize.  Clearly I have upset the universe with my discourse on how I don’t believe.  I’m coming around.  Quickly!

April is always an insane month for me.  With Passover, Easter, I have to file my taxes (if I haven’t been on top of it sooner), and Rebuilding Together taking most of my focus along side all of these other important things.  I don’t have a second to spare.

So when other things try to vie for my attention in April, they usually have to wait.  Unless it forces its way in.

I do what I can to keep peace in my world.  I am a good person.    I have a healthy self-esteem, so I don’t say this flippantly or as a fishing expedition.  I do a lot of community service and make as many charitable contributions as my budget allows.

What ticks me off is when I get greedy and it turns around and bites me in the arse.  I’m getting a $280 tax refund, I can get a new weed eater.  Oh nooooo.  What do I do instead?  I break out my rear windshield when I put the mower in the back of my car.

I’ll give you 1 guess how much a new windshield costs.  Did you say $280?  So close! $275.  Just enough leftover to buy myself a beer to cry into.  Oh well.

Neither Coe or I are going without dinner tonight or any other night.  We live a good life.  I can laugh at what frustrations life throws my way.  Really, what’s the alternative.  Crying.  That’s a waste.  Shake it off and find some humor in it.

Here’s the good giggle I share with you over this experience.  I live on a busy street.  So picture driving by during your commute home and seeing someone vacuuming their driveway.