I apologize…

However I have offended thee.  I apologize.  Clearly I have upset the universe with my discourse on how I don’t believe.  I’m coming around.  Quickly!

April is always an insane month for me.  With Passover, Easter, I have to file my taxes (if I haven’t been on top of it sooner), and Rebuilding Together taking most of my focus along side all of these other important things.  I don’t have a second to spare.

So when other things try to vie for my attention in April, they usually have to wait.  Unless it forces its way in.

I do what I can to keep peace in my world.  I am a good person.    I have a healthy self-esteem, so I don’t say this flippantly or as a fishing expedition.  I do a lot of community service and make as many charitable contributions as my budget allows.

What ticks me off is when I get greedy and it turns around and bites me in the arse.  I’m getting a $280 tax refund, I can get a new weed eater.  Oh nooooo.  What do I do instead?  I break out my rear windshield when I put the mower in the back of my car.

I’ll give you 1 guess how much a new windshield costs.  Did you say $280?  So close! $275.  Just enough leftover to buy myself a beer to cry into.  Oh well.

Neither Coe or I are going without dinner tonight or any other night.  We live a good life.  I can laugh at what frustrations life throws my way.  Really, what’s the alternative.  Crying.  That’s a waste.  Shake it off and find some humor in it.

Here’s the good giggle I share with you over this experience.  I live on a busy street.  So picture driving by during your commute home and seeing someone vacuuming their driveway.

Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

2 thoughts on “I apologize…

  1. Oh Lula, hells bells and damnation! Not something that happens daily. You had to jam that sucker in there pretty hard to break out your window. Sigh. Does that mean happy hour got cancelled?


    1. I wasn’t paying attention as I was on the phone, so I’m pretty sure I smacked it down good. And I had a beer on the fence post while I was vacuuming and then another while I sat on the porch. It’s ALWAYS happy hour!


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