Transit Rant… Observations

This week’s rant isn’t really a rant, but more an observation about life in transit. Since I’ve been working so early and riding in the dark, I can’t read.  Want to see me puke?  Hand me a book on a dark bus and a winding route. Pandora and I have been spending quality time togetherContinue reading “Transit Rant… Observations”

Transit Rant: don’t stand so close to me

This is not what I was going to write about today. But this morning’s bus ride was a little more than I could bear. Monday morning. I am (& I think most of us are) slow to wake up. I get on the bus at the beginning of the line and I have the busContinue reading “Transit Rant: don’t stand so close to me”

transit rant: gum

I grew up in the south, that is no secret. What I have held as a closely guarded secret is when I was in grade school, I so wanted to snap my gum like the other girls. I have no idea how they made that amazing sound come out of that tiny pink rubbery goo,Continue reading “transit rant: gum”