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This is not what I was going to write about today. But this morning’s bus ride was a little more than I could bear.

Monday morning. I am (& I think most of us are) slow to wake up. I get on the bus at the beginning of the line and I have the bus to myself and get to pick my favorite seat. I’m don’t hog the seat. My bag is in my lap so someone can sit next to me. I read news and blogs or listen to music.

At the hour I catch the bus, we are all professionals and are clean and freshly pressed. The homeless and drunks are still snugly tucked wherever they’ve hidden for the night. Generally, whoever sits next to you isn’t offensive.

This morning an older gentleman sits down next to me. He’s not small but not really larger than average. But he doesn’t just sit down next to me, he snuggles in and takes up as much of his seat AND mine as he can. I wiggle in the extra 1/4″ I have to try and get away from him but the wall of the bus prevents me from going too far. Everything touches. I can’t move an iota w/o jabbing my elbow in his rib.

So distracted by his presence I finally put my reading down. This morning the bus is extra packed. It’s usually pretty full on a good day, but I consider this an extra opportunity to watch the people and their experience.

Which then make me wonder if he was a social scientist and was this his experiment to see how long it would take me to move or shift and squirm? His experiment was a rousing success for him. Dismal failure for me.

I don’t generally have too much of an issue w personal space until you fucking treat me like Santa and sit on my lap and expect me to share my seat.

I generally love my bus time. A quiet time for reading or zoning out. I honestly have never sat as close to a DATE as this strange man sat next to me. MAYBE that’s why I can’t get a date?! I need to sit on more strange men. Thought to ponder.

This entire experience has shadowed my day. My normal work day is spent answering stupid questions from stupid people. I’m told I am kind and genial and patient. I talk like I’m teaching kindergarten. Because I kinda am. I finally got a good, hearty laugh in with a customer when I clarified I understood their ridiculous question and they heard how absurd it actually sounded. That shook most of the strange man cooties off until I just walked out of the building for my lunchtime walk and left my sandwich sitting on my desk. Stupid old man.

After a walk in the fresh air my head is in a much better place. I’m certain the afternoon will be great!