Ice is cool

We had a snow day yesterday.  While the rest of the east coast is getting dumped on, ours lasted a day and now it’s a big muddy mess.  But while it lasted, it was pretty.

I really like the ice that forms in puddles and paw prints.  It reminds me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama and how they talk about glass art that forms when lightening strikes sand.

Here are a few shots I’ve taken over the last couple days.  Click on them to see a larger image.


24564145845_501c053d80_z 24268658410_29bcef6d0b_z

24481191051_92e06f12bd_z 24267987040_e449a3a9dd_k 24195763949_88949059a7_k

Coe is the least patient photo subject.  She has gotten to the point when she sees me point the camera at her she turns her head and rolls her eyes.  Mom…stop…

While we didn’t get quite as much snow as last year, here’s a look back.  Hope you are all staying warm and safe, and enjoying the cold beauty as much as I am.

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