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I know I’ve gone on long enough about how much I miss my community in Portland. Slowly but surely, I’m building a new community in Memphis.  Additionally, I’m building a community online.

I’ve written before about the community I’ve connected with on WordPress. As part of my rejuvenation of myself and my blog, I am actively connecting with other bloggers.

While I’ve been a little bit of a negative Nancy, more often than not (I think) I’m a sarcastic goofball and hope my writing and voice expresses that.

This week I have enjoyed finding and connecting with other writers whose tone and voice have a similar, slightly twisted bent, have a positive outlook on the world, take great pictures, or write about various goings-on.

While this is just a small sampling of the awesome and creative folks I’ve connected this week, I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Heres to another another beautiful day!