girls just wanna have FUN

I’m so honored… You like me.  You really like me.

I’m having so much fun since I’ve gotten off my duff and gotten back to the blog.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been meeting the loveliest and funniest folks.

One of which is @whereshappy.  She, like me, is a forty-something, messy-haired girl that thinks we have something to say that people want to hear (or read).  She makes me laugh!

Well, the dear nominated me for her very own award!  and I couldn’t be more delighted.

just for fun


I have to nominate someone else and answer some silly questions…

To steal some from her list (and bastardize a few)

  1.  What book title would describe your life?  Fool on the Hill, by Matt Ruff (and the only book I have ever reread)

2.  Do you still sleep with a teddy bear?  Not since I lost my favorite koala on a trip visiting colleges my senior year of high school.  He was just irreplaceable and it still breaks my heart.  I only hope he ended up with some sweet kid.

3.  If you are reading a book and it is really terrible do you continue reading to the end, hoping that it gets better, or do you dump it right then and there? Confession time, and I hope you won’t think less of me, but no.  I was reading some horrible book and just torturing myself to wade through it.  A friend told me I could stop reading.  What?! It had never occurred to me before that.  Now, if it is a struggle, it’s gone!

4.  What was your favorite musical group in Junior High?  easy one- The Police

5.  What was the first food you learned to cook?  This may surprise some of you (HA!) mac and cheese.  good ole blue box


and as a special bonus for @whereshappy (which I really think should be a requirement of accepting the award)…

19959585973_767709f70f_zShe’s a little more Dr Seuss and I’m a little more Yosemite Sam.


I’m tagging along the side of the road, if she’s up for a challenge.

Here’s how it goes…

  1. Make up some silly and fun questions.
  2. Invite any one you want to participate, but really think of those people that you find have a great sense of humor and are willing to just play along for a few minutes.
  3. Please link back to this page if you participate so that I can try to see who is giving this a go and to see how far it reaches.  I have no problem with this being re-blogged, if that’s how you would like to share.
  4. This is just for fun and is just a way to get people to know each other better!  Seriously, that’s it.  Just have some fun with it, please!
  5. No is a perfectly acceptable answer for me and everyone else. If you think this award is dumb, then more power to you–I hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever floats your boat.

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13 thoughts on “girls just wanna have FUN

      1. Ohhh no, a mistake… I am sorry. I just really LOVE Nicholas Sparks movies and a friend calls me Ma’am… I’m not Southern tho, I’m from the Philippines.. 😂

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  1. Hi, we haven’t met and I see you are a prolific writer which I would love to be but am not. I am a born critic and proofreader, ex-English teacher, ;puke, etc,…. but had to share something you probably want to change “and I could be more delighted” because you didn’t mean it, did you? All meant in good faith.

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