weekly photo challenge: Between

Better late than never.  this topic took some thinking.  this photo of the ball field between seasons was taken just this morning between raindrops.  thanks to my darling new bag, I was carrying my camera on our wet morning outting.

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12 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: Between

  1. I admit, when I worked at a fabric store I stored a lot of pieces of fabric that were offered at such a great price I couldn’t pass it up. It did become an obsession. The fabrics, patterns, and notions outlasted my old Singer sewing machine and my interest in sewing, not to mention a change in fashions. I found out that Goodwill would not take boxes of fabrics. I ended up giving them all away at a garage sale. A large number of Mexican women showed up in vans and cleaned me out – someone musta made a call! More power to them!


    1. So easy to end up with crazy amounts of fabric. There’s a great shop around the corner from me called Trillium Artisans that takes fabric donations then sells for $1 a pound!


  2. Gayle, your Canada geese appear to be happy staying in Stumptown for the winter….but this haiku is for the ones who have the good sense to fly South:

    Canadian geese,
    honking check marks in high flight.
    Just knowing the way.


  3. Whoops! This should have posted on this comment:
    Geese on the playing fields can be a real problem! They poop pellets the size of large tootsie rolls and it makes it yucky for anybody wanting to use the field! Up in Seattle it got so bad about 10 years ago that they started blowing off fireworks, etc. to scare them off. I don’t think they were especially successful, tho.


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