oh what a beautiful morning…

yes, the little song should be running through your head.  After coming home from vacation, I was a little grumpy.  Who knows if it was a pork-hangover, coming home to a dirty house not of my doing, or just the cold harsh reality of vacation being over.  I do know that I was very worried about coming home to Oregon’s all-too-famous RAIN.  I lucked out and mother nature was shining on me.

For over a week now, we have had some of the most beautiful days.  Cold, but the sun has been shining.  Coe and I have gone on some great walks, but yesterday was just about perfect.  No matter where I was in town, I could see Mt Hood in all its pristine beauty.

In case your trying to find Mt Hood, it isn’t in that last one.  Just a beautiful way to end a beautiful day.

Right now it is 27* and Coe and I are about to bundle up and head out for another long walk and a round of frisbee.  Coe, by the way, LOVES this weather.  The colder the better as far as she’s concerned.

Now, just in case these sights of beauty and wonder weren’t enough to make you smile, try this.  and before you even say it- yes, I have way too much time on my hands 🙂




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