WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting… not very patiently, but hoping. hoping. hoping…

Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

25 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. She never misses the chance to be in the kitchen during prep or clean-up. You never know when opportunity will knock. Perhaps you should add the smiley face to protect the human’s tuckus from being ID’d?!? It looks sort of “familiar”.


  2. Hee. This is a position my dog assumes frequently now that there’s a child in the picture. We’re actually trying ways to get him to do it less . . . mostly, I’ll be the first to admit, without success!


    1. Good luck. I have Coe (this is Penny pictured) wait on her bed til dinner is done then she is free to clean up everything that has hit the floor. Thanks for stopping by


  3. My Black Lab is usually laying around my feet while I prepare dinner and I’m constantly telling him to move… It does save on cleaning up any fallen crumbs, though!


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