Alien invasion? Nope, just dinner

I recently listened to Alton Brown’s podcast interview with Gaby Dalkin.  I found her conversational skills lacking, but was drawn to her website, which is an incredible stockpile of recipes, and meal plans.  Since completing Whole30, I’ve been trying to do more meal prep for the week.  While W30 didn’t work for me, I learned a lot.  One important lesson is getting out of the house in the morning is so much easier when it’s all ready ahead of time.  The ultimate fresh, homemade, grab and go.

Tonight I made my spin on her Asian Chicken Slaw.  I really followed her recipe pretty closely, until I realized I had used the green onions and cilantro on my veggie burrito bowls the night before.  This was a bright, fresh salad that I’m going to make again for my upcoming supper club.

When I was slicing the purple cabbage I decided I’ve binge watched too much Doctor Who, because the inside looked like some alien bug.  I had a similar moment after too many CSI marathons, but that’s a story for another day.

Here is today’s #365project #photoaday #notanalien

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